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Single parenting wasn’t hard enough, I had to jump into blended family parenting with two feet planted firmly in the clouds.

Every moment makes me glad I chose this road, and yet… Every moment reminds me that this isn’t the road most traveled.

I love my family. I love my children, all four of them. And I love my husband.

Life within these ‘walls’ can be challenging, but I’m up to the challenge, and I’m ready for the fun that comes with it all. We laugh. We cry. We love. We love more…

Pages of Parenthood

My facebook post for this event?

“If the goal of this hike was to provide a young couple with a reason to hold off on having children, mission accomplished.

Colm just lost his lunch right in front of them…”

The BEST adventures of parenting are yet to come, because that’s what happens, it just gets better and better ALL the time.

So much to catch up on. Keep reading!

Pages of Parenthood

You’ll find moment by moment replays in my blog pages, don’t forget to revisit the best of times in the archives, and come back often to read my latest adventures. Yeah, I share it all. I’m THAT Mom.

It's only fair to share...
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Big calf struggles

​My life was changed today.  For all my bigger friends that watch the girls walk by with stupid thin legs, sporting *INCREDIBLY* cute knee high boots, I have INCREDIBLE news for you!  I kept seeing these ads for “cute fall boots” through an online shopping company called JustFab. You’ve probably seen them too. First pair of boots only $10 for new vip members! I was skeptical but after reading (seriously, word for word, thorough reading) through the terms and conditions, I decided to give it a shot.  I got a cute pair of mid calf (prayed they would fit) cowboy … continue…

Colliding pasts and futures

I cry a lot. It’s a well known fact among my family and closest friends that I can almost instantly be reduced to tears with a song, a memory, a book, a movie, the list goes on and on… It’s not an ugly Kim K cry, generally it’s tears streaming down my face while I continue talking, singing, whatever. I have a very strong opinion that my tears are just overwhelming emotions (good and bad) that need to escape. So they do, through my eyes. I’m also fairly certain that my tears have an identity that is all their own. … continue…

Working 21st Century Moms

We’re a month away from the presidential election and I know I’m not the only person who’s Facebook feed is filled with crazy articles written by ‘a reliable source’ and my friends and family spewing hatred against the opposing parties. Fortunately, I have a few select people that are refusing to take part in the madness. They’re still posting pictures of cute and silly kids, hilarious videos that have me rolling, and most importantly, they’re giving us access to their everyday lives.  They’re sharing education achievements, career transitions, career achievements, etc.  Here’s what I love.  These brief glimpses into my … continue…

Showing grace and wisdom

It’s a job few people want. It’s a job that is being doused in negativity. It’s an incredible rewarding job to thousands. It’s a job that has a daily opportunity to end lives and careers. I’ve chosen to pursue this job and it scares me and excites me at the same time. I’m dealing with the fact that I could be Officer Shelby, that there could come a day that I make the wrong decision because I don’t know what the right decision is in a split second. I keep telling myself that of course I would choose my taser … continue…

The Plan

During this time of putting my words together and asking God to guide me through his plan, I’ve also been praying for a revelation of what he wants this to accomplish.  I was talking to my mom after my post yesterday and I said “Mom if I can reach just one person and help them out of an abusive situation, I’ll have succeeded.” Honestly, I believe that with everything I have. Just one person. If one person hears my story and wants to know how I did it and starts believing that they can do it too, I feel like … continue…