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Single parenting wasn’t hard enough, I had to jump into blended family parenting with two feet planted firmly in the clouds.

Every moment makes me glad I chose this road, and yet… Every moment reminds me that this isn’t the road most traveled.

I love my family. I love my children, all four of them. And I love my husband.

Life within these ‘walls’ can be challenging, but I’m up to the challenge, and I’m ready for the fun that comes with it all. We laugh. We cry. We love. We love more…

Pages of Parenthood

My facebook post for this event?

“If the goal of this hike was to provide a young couple with a reason to hold off on having children, mission accomplished.

Colm just lost his lunch right in front of them…”

The BEST adventures of parenting are yet to come, because that’s what happens, it just gets better and better ALL the time.

So much to catch up on. Keep reading!

Pages of Parenthood

You’ll find moment by moment replays in my blog pages, don’t forget to revisit the best of times in the archives, and come back often to read my latest adventures. Yeah, I share it all. I’m THAT Mom.

It's only fair to share...
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Our New Normal

At 8:01 this morning, Colm walked into my bedroom and said “Ma, I need my medicine”. I was struggling to force my body awake and I asked him “You’re right buddy, what do you want to take your medicine with?” Silence.  “Colm? What kind of food do you want your medicine on?” Silence.  I turn to face the door and my son is standing there, turned away, head facing upwards to the right.  “Colm? Oh God, Colm!” I ran over, he was stiff as a board. I gently took his backpack off his shoulders as I started counting in my … continue…

Giving up

For years I have gotten up in the morning, my whole body still aching from the days past, exhausted from a meager 4-5 hours of sleep. I’ve gotten up and wished so bad that I could just go back to bed. But I have a job and kids and LIFE to deal with. For the past week I’ve gotten up and taken my husband to work, then taken the kids to school, then went out and drove more people around to make money for my family. I’ve coordinated band practice, coding club, Awanas, appointments with neurologists, eye exam checkups, teeth … continue…

All Surpassing Peace

The toilet was clogged last night. That was it for me. The toilet didn’t flush and I lost it.  I sat on the bathroom floor and sobbed so hard that I wasn’t sure my head would ever stop hurting. And then I pulled out my bible. Colm had a seizure in school on Wednesday. I was driving a board member of the Star Institute to the airport and I didn’t see my phone frantically vibrating in the seat next to me until I got there, helped unload her baggage, and then looked at my phone to end the trip and … continue…

Big calf struggles

​My life was changed today.  For all my bigger friends that watch the girls walk by with stupid thin legs, sporting *INCREDIBLY* cute knee high boots, I have INCREDIBLE news for you!  I kept seeing these ads for “cute fall boots” through an online shopping company called JustFab. You’ve probably seen them too. First pair of boots only $10 for new vip members! I was skeptical but after reading (seriously, word for word, thorough reading) through the terms and conditions, I decided to give it a shot.  I got a cute pair of mid calf (prayed they would fit) cowboy … continue…

Colliding pasts and futures

I cry a lot. It’s a well known fact among my family and closest friends that I can almost instantly be reduced to tears with a song, a memory, a book, a movie, the list goes on and on… It’s not an ugly Kim K cry, generally it’s tears streaming down my face while I continue talking, singing, whatever. I have a very strong opinion that my tears are just overwhelming emotions (good and bad) that need to escape. So they do, through my eyes. I’m also fairly certain that my tears have an identity that is all their own. … continue…