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Brenna Seibert

Hey everyone! Thanks so much for visiting my site dedicated to the trials and tribulations of parenthood. Whether or not you’re a single parent like I used to be, or married with a blended family, I hope that you will find the tidbits of my life helpful, and gain the benefits available through my experiences.

I started blogging shortly after I discovered I was pregnant with my second child. At first it was an opportunity to generate additional income, but it has become so much more than that. Writing has become my addiction, my need to sort through my days in a chronological fashion. A lot of moms scrapbook, I blog. I know without a doubt that cute conversations with Elizabeth, new milestones from Colm, and the struggles I’ve faced over these years would go buried in the recesses of my memory, never to be remembered again if I didn’t write them down. I know that this blog will be an amazing gift to my children when they are adults and want to look back at the life I worked so hard to provide them before their own memories started forming.

More than that, this collage of conversations, experiences, and life events, have become stepping stones for me to realize that even in the pitfalls of everyday living, joy comes. The joy of the Lord is my peace, my haven, and the one part of this life that I can share with everyone I meet.

I sincerely hope you’ll enjoy the words I spill over my keyboards for years to come and feel free to send friends and family that you feel could benefit from one, two, or all the stories that have been created here!

If you’d like to hear my story in person, I’m available for speaking engagements, just click on SPEAKER.

Pages of Parenthood

About blogging: If you have any desire whatsoever to do exactly what I’m doing, my mom, Jan, makes it her business to help other people do exactly what I’m doing, so drop her a line and find out how you can enable those amazing writing skills too! She is best reached by email so drop her a line at

Happy blogging!

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