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Marriage is hard — 1 Comment

  1. I feel you. 6 years together seems like100 in the stress side of it. Job loss, illness, court, finances 3rd house, issues with kids etc. There is no manual that comes with it. Its harder than a first marriage. Dynamics are different. There are exes and different rules, there are kids that you love and treat like your own but they aren’t and that hurts sometimes. I wish I had answers for both of us. All I know is God has a plan. Sometimes it feels there are more days of stress than happiness. Not enough time to just be man and wife. That before kids time in a marriage. Im here for you if you need a friend. People dont get it unless they are in it. Some days I want to run but then I really stop and remind myself how much I love all of them. I cry I scream I wallow and then realize if I just hang on life will come around. It has to right?