Facebook Moment

Slumped over the arm of a chair laughing until you’ve cried and you’re now choking on air because what just happened is so darned funny, you can’t stop laughing. That’s a Facebook Moment!

The kids say the darnedest things and you have to share it, you know that absolutely everyone on your Facebook account will be rolling on the floor laughing their fat butts off when they read what your kids say. They will. Because you’re rolling on the floor laughing your fat butt off before you can take a breath deep enough to stop laughing and write it on facebook.

Stop.The.Press. It’s a Facebook Moment is filled up with moments that are too funny not to share on facebook, or publish in a book, or write about in your blog. They’re moments that were made for social media. Trust me… You want a copy of this amazing book.

Don’t put it off, click the book cover above and go get your copy of Stop.The.Press. You’ll regret it if you don’t! I promise you.

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