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  1. Brenna,

    There’s a hint of a smile on my face, since I remember the cute little cowboy outfit at Dillards and the cowboy who stole your heart, the Tim and Faith winnings, and the scathing call about babysitters, timing and red robbins I received just last night. Pregnancy hormones are dastardly idioms of solustitude(tm) that just don’t do justice to the objectives of motherhood and its rightful position in our lives. I just wanted you to know the tears are probably warranted. I often cry for the Broncos too (good, bad or indifferent).

    As for the arrival of our next bundle of joy, it could definitely be amid a Colorado snow storm of highly impressionable snowflakes. So, baby girl, you’ll fit right in with all the other “flakes”. 🙂

    Love you, see you by morning.