“Energetic, dynamic, powerful… these words describe speakers who have battled through forgiving, living, and loving after the abuse stops. These words are not the words that define the woman who shares her story. Tender, thoughtful, connected, determined, the woman who desires to inspire others to bring their hearts to Jesus for healing, understands that you may not feel strong. She strength Comes through Jesus, and she shares the power of God’s love in her message to you.”

“A bruised reed he will not break, and a smoldering wick he will not snuff out. In faithfulness he will bring forth justice.”

Isaiah 42:3

Brenna VerhoeffHer story took her down a long lonely road and brought her home… To Jesus, and the family who loves her, the family she’s raising, and the strength to thrive and tell the story.

But there’s more…

She has the wisdom of the ages to share, and a blessing to bring to those who will hear. This gifted writer, loving mother, and blessed child of God bears her soul in witness to the power of Jesus and the love that has brought her on this journey.

She shared, “Mom, if I can reach just one person and help them out of an abusive situation, I’ll have succeeded.”

But that isn’t God’s plan for her message. Within minutes she was contacted by a friend who knows her story, who knows her, and knows the value of her life and what it could mean to help others.

“Would I consider speaking to groups of women, groups of teenagers, sharing my story and helping them realize the greatness that God has designed for them.”

Never one to turn down an opportunity to speak into a mic, Brenna said, “Absolutely.”

How can you schedule Brenna to speak at your church, to the women in your group, to teenagers, or to people in your organization? It’s easy… Below, you’ll find access information, via email, or phone, and you’ll be able to schedule an event with Brenna by making that call, or sending that message.

Phone Brenna at 720.556.6577

Email Brenna at Brenna.Verhoeff@gmail.com

Be sure to fill in the form and join Brenna’s Email Newsletter, to know where she’s speaking and hear more about what she’s accomplishing through her ministry.

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